Our Costs

How Much Is It?

We ask for a minimum of £10 per session from all of our clients whether they are on benefits or in work. However we do encourage clients to contribute more to the service but this is for you to decide. We ask clients to consider these questions:

1) How much do you value yourself and the person that you will become?
2) How much do you value the time of your counsellor?
3) How does the SM environment, the office block and your counselling room provide you with a pleasant, safe space to work through your concerns and how much do you value this space?

There’s a reason we ask you to think about these questions- we encourage individual responsibility, we want clients to value themselves and self care and counselling is a part of that.

When people value themselves it creates a ripple effect; they start to have healthier relationships at work, at home and become more effective members of society.

Why Do We Charge?

We do not receive any funding from the NHS or any other government or private organisation. We work very hard in other areas of the business to be able to provide a high standard of professional counselling at a nominal fee.

Everyone that works within the counselling service is a volunteer including the counsellors, the administrator, the manager and the director of the company. We do this because we love it and we’re passionate about what we do.