NHS Clients

NHS Clients

One of our aims when setting up Supporting Minds was to support the NHS and their clients that have been placed on long waiting lists, have been discharged from the NHS and still need support or for those that have exhausted all other NHS services.

We work very differently to the NHS and we don’t have the same financial reserves or service pressures that the NHS do.

How We Work

We are a ‘Person Centred’ organisation, this simply means that above all else we are here to support and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

We very rarely use tools, set homework or use worksheets in the counselling room however, as we look at individuals as ‘whole beings’ if your counsellor feels that these will be beneficial to you then they may use these.

Person Centred therapy encourages you to explore whatever is going on for you at that time, regardless of what you initially came to counselling for as this will be having an impact on your whole being.

How Many Sessions?

We offer unlimited sessions of counselling and psychotherapy.

We also encourage clients to come for ‘top up’ sessions when they need it, maybe just one or two sessions to keep their minds healthy with no pressure to commit to a specific number of sessions.

How Much Is It?

We ask for a minimum of £10 per session from all of our clients whether they are on benefits or in work. However we do encourage clients to contribute more to the service but this is for you to decide. We ask clients to consider these questions:

1) How much do you value yourself and the person that you will become?
2) How much do you value the time of your counsellor?
3) How does the SM environment, the office block and your counselling room provide you with a pleasant, safe space to work through your concerns and how much do you value this space?

There’s a reason we ask you to think about these questions- we encourage individual responsibility, we want clients to value themselves and self care and counselling is a part of that.

When people value themselves it creates a ripple effect; they start to have healthier relationships at work, at home and feel able to take on lifes challenges. And they feel HAPPIER!

Why Do We Charge?

We do not receive any funding from the NHS or any other government or private organisation. We work very hard in other areas of the business to be able to provide a high standard of professional counselling at a nominal fee.