We provide supervision to counsellors and other health and social care professionals.

Supporting Minds is a Person Centred Organisation and as such we adhere closely to our core values when working in a supervisory capacity.

We encourage and support the supervisee by;

- Offering a professional relationship that encourages growth and autonomy of the supervisee, which are necessary to foster the supervisees sense of safety.

- We support the supervisee to be themselves, completely, without fear or punishment so encouraging expression of inner thoughts, feelings and experiences.

- Create opportunity for personal self awareness and professional growth, enabling trust and respect to develop.

- By encouraging ‘space to breathe’ and relax the supervisee will explore, and through supported experimentation will bring their life experiences into the work.

For One to One supervision it is recommended that an individual have 1.5 hours of supervision per month. This can be increased if the supervisee feels it necessary and beneficial.

For Group supervision it is recommended that the session be 2 hours per month. For groups of 4 or less each individual can claim 50% of the time together. For groups of 5 or more the time claimed should be split between the number of participants.

For example. 2 hours (120 mins) divided by 5 participants equals 24 minutes that each individual can claim for their supervision.

BACP 2015 Recommendations.

How Much?

1 Hour £40
1 1/2 Hours £50
2 Hour Group £60