We are open!

What you need to know…

Service update… We are currently in Phase 2.

We have decided to open up three of our counselling rooms, that have ventilation and that comply with the newly proposed 1 meter social distancing from Wednesday 8 July 2020. Coming back for face to face therapy may not be everyone’s preferred choice (counsellor or client), for many reasons and we recognise that, which is why our online services are here to stay.

We also need to be realistic, we have 200 clients a week to meet the needs of (excluding our waiting list), so it’s just not practically possible or safe to have everyone back. All (new) usual safety measures will apply and you can find our guidance further down in the email, so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Phase 1:
We will prioritise clients that were having sessions before lock down but were not able to move to online sessions. We will be in touch with you, to find out your preference for returning to face to face sessions, once we have confirmed that your therapist is also choosing to return to face to face work. If your counsellor cannot return to face to face work just yet, but you would like to return, we may offer you an alternative therapist or you may choose to wait.

Phase 2:
Current online clients will be offered the opportunity to return to face to face sessions, counsellor permitting. We will prioritise those with poor internet connections or those struggling with online work. We may have to look at alternating weekly sessions to F2F one week, online the next and so on to accommodate the demand. Again, online sessions will continue for those not ready to return just yet.

Phase 3:
This all depends on the R number and the governments lifting of lock down, balanced with the safety of everyone involved. We will review phase 3 once phase 1 & 2 have been implemented but hope to invite more of you back for F2F sessions as we can open up our remaining therapy rooms.

Phase 4:
Waiting list clients, we haven’t forgotten you. Don’t forget we can offer you online therapy in the meantime. You will most likely come into Phase 4 as more room space becomes available.

We will be in touch with all our clients, as we move through the different phases but we can’t say just how quickly that will be. Remember that online therapy is here to stay, so you may choose to stick with this even as we do slowly reopen.

Guidance for Clients Returning to F2F Appointments

This guide is intended for those clients that will be returning to face to face counselling sessions in July. Supporting Minds has put a number of safety measures in place to protect you and our staff. 

Please be advised that these safety measures are just that and it is your responsibility to decide if returning for face to face sessions is for you at this time, online therapy sessions will continue, for as long as you require, if you decide against returning to the face to face space at this time. 

  • We will be opening up three counselling rooms in July, we will be staggering the appointment times for each room and allowing a longer cross over time between appointments so that we can sanitise between sessions. Please be aware that we are unable to sanitise our fabric chairs between sessions. 
  • Please arrive at the time of your appointment, our waiting room is out of use at this time. 
  • Please attend appointments alone. If you are bringing your child for therapy, please bring them into the waiting room. If you wish to stay at SM for the duration of your child’s appointment, we can seat you in one of our counselling rooms that is not currently in use. If you chose to vacate the premises whilst your child is in session, please ensure you are back on time for their session ending. 
  • The front door and top door will both be propped open. Please be mindful of this, if bringing children to sessions. 
  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival with the hands free sanitiser in reception. 
  • Please bring your own drink and tissues, we are unable to offer you either at this time. 
  • All counselling rooms in use will have a window, which will be open during your appointment, please bring something warm to wear if it’s cooler outside. Whilst we will endeavour to rearrange the chairs so that there is less direct face to face contact, this will be difficult in our smaller rooms. 
  • We are unable to use fans, our rooms can get hot so please dress accordingly. 
  • You may choose to wear a face mask but please be advised that the majority of our staff will not be wearing a face mask. 
  • We will ask you to consider signing a track and trace disclaimer form.

We are not able to greet any walk in enquiries at this time. Please make contact via Joanne 07522 817 992 or through FB messenger to book an appointment or for any other enquiries.


We are a not for profit, organisation providing a range of professionally recognised training and therapy services that supports, empowers and values individuals.

All of the money that we make is ploughed directly back into Supporting Minds so that we can continue to grow and support even more people with affordable talking therapies.

At Our Heart

We truly believe that counselling and psychotherapy should be available to everyone, not just for resolving problems but also as a way of exploring who we are. Only by getting to the core of our being through self exploration can very real, lasting change occur where we are free from the pressures and expectations of others.

Social Mission

We are changing the way that we, as society view talking therapies in the UK. We want individuals to use our service as a way of keeping healthy minds rather than something to access only in times of crisis. We are challenging the way that we can access talking therapies that we truly need by creating another option to the NHS and private therapies. We are the bridge between the two, encouraging individual responsibility and re-empowering individuals to take control of their own health.

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