Lockdown Update:

We are open for face to face and online therapy sessions.

We are a not for profit, organisation providing a range of professionally recognised training and therapy services that supports, empowers and values individuals.

All of the money that we make is ploughed directly back into Supporting Minds so that we can continue to grow and support even more people with affordable talking therapies.

At Our Heart

We truly believe that counselling and psychotherapy should be available to everyone, not just for resolving problems but also as a way of exploring who we are. Only by getting to the core of our being through self exploration can very real, lasting change occur where we are free from the pressures and expectations of others.

Social Mission

We are changing the way that we, as society view talking therapies in the UK. We want individuals to use our service as a way of keeping healthy minds rather than something to access only in times of crisis. We are challenging the way that we can access talking therapies that we truly need by creating another option to the NHS and private therapies. We are the bridge between the two, encouraging individual responsibility and re-empowering individuals to take control of their own health.

We work alongside: