Why We Do What We Do

“Talking therapies shouldn’t be elitist, I am passionate about providing a service that is affordable & accessible.” #therapyrevolution

In 2014 I set up SM with the sole purpose of making, much needed, talking therapies affordable & accessible. I don’t believe money should ever be an obstacle to healing.

I recognised that the NHS was not able to offer what people really needed: non CBT, unlimited counselling & psychotherapy. Most of us can’t afford to pay in excess of £50 per weekly session either. That meant that we were a society of people struggling to understand ourselves and our emotional wellbeing. I also recognised that we had become so out of tune with our bodies, our emotions and most of all with other people. We were craving, healthy human connection. I wanted to break the cycle of co-dependency that we have on the medical model and begin trusting in ourselves again. And so SM was created.

I have an incredibly loyal team, supporting me. They humour my constant, creative visions whilst they keep the day to day running of SM smooth and efficient.