Healing Your Own Toxicity

Written by Jenine Butroid

Have you recognised a pattern of destructive behaviours in your life? Do you often feel let down by people? Do you feel misunderstood by those around you? Do you often feel attacked? Do you keep attracting abusive partners?

Are you ready to feel happier and in control of your life?

We are far more powerful than we realise and looking within to find that toxic part of ourselves that resonates with the toxicity of others, can change the course of our life and future happiness.

Learn how to recognise and break your own unhealthy patterns of behaviour- no judgment just insight, self love and compassion. This book will raise your awareness and provide you with the knowledge to break destructive patterns of behaviour in your life.

Available in ebook or paperback from Amazon:

Book Here: Healing Your Own Toxicity Interactive Book Talk

Fri, 27 September 2019 19:00- 21:00

£20 per ticket.

Join Jenine for an interactive talk on her newly released, 5 star rated book: Healing Your Own Toxicity.

This two hour session will be interactive, where you will be invited to share your own experiences in a safe, non judgemental space so you can start to unpick your own toxicity. We will explore practical ways of how you can step out of the game, show yourself compassion and heal. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, raise your self awareness and start exploring just how powerful you really are in your own life.

Please come with an open mind and be prepared to objectively explore your own behaviours. The group will be kept small and intimate to ensure a safe space to dig deep and start making instant changes in your life.

About Jenine

“It was in 2008 whilst training as a psychotherapist that it was first brought into my awareness that I was co-dependent. That exact phrase, ‘co-dependent’, wasn’t used but I accepted and acknowledged that I had surrounded myself, subconsciously, with toxic people to fulfil my toxic needs. I just didn’t understand why and at that moment in time I didn’t want to change it…it suited me.

It was only early in 2019 that I recognised just how toxic my own co-dependency was. I was subconsciously inviting people into my life to fulfil my own toxic needs. My need to be rescued, liked, criticised, controlled and even abused in some way. My trigger for really wanting to dig deep and break this pattern of toxic behaviour was following two very painful experiences with two separate narcissists through my professional work, one after the other. My way of finding some control within the situation was to look inwards so that I could prevent repeating the experience again.” (Healing Your Own Toxicity, 2019)

In 2014 Jenine set up Supporting Minds, with the social mission to make talking therapies affordable (£10 per session) and accessible. Her psychotherapy work has naturally gravitated towards working with abuse and trauma; holding space in a compassionate, safe and person centred way.

Book Here: Healing Your Own Toxicity Interactive Book Talk