BTEC Counselling Training


BTEC Level 2 Award Introduction to Counselling Skills

A great course for those looking to enhance their professional and personal skills or start their journey to becoming a qualified counsellor. Regardless of what job you do this course will provide you with the basic counselling skills that can be transferred to any setting.

You will develop your listening skills including verbal and non-verbal communication and how to apply these to a helping relationship. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice and develop the core counselling skills throughout the course. You will be introduced to the three main counselling theories; Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Please note that completion of this course does not allow you to work as a qualified counsellor.

The units you will study are; Using Counselling Skills and Introduction to Counselling Skills Theory. Both units are 4 credits each with the award in total being worth 8 credits.

There are six short assignments to complete and these include a variety of journal entries, 200-300 word assignments, group work and presentations and practical assessments of your counselling skills.

Learners must be aged 16 and over.

Two weekends (Saturday & Sunday)


3, 4, 17, & 18 August 2019

Weekend course (Sat/ Sun)

10am- 4pm each day



Individual instalment plans available on request.

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Supporting Minds CIC
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We will be based at The Carlton Centre in Lincoln.




On completion of this course you will have the required skills and knowledge to work as a professional, qualified counsellor in a variety of settings dependent on your interests and preference. On successful completion of this course you will be able to apply for Individual Membership of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

The transformative nature of this course will challenge your core beliefs and how you view those around you. You must be prepared to be challenged by your tutor, supervisor and counsellor who will all support your development as a counsellor and as a person.

If you have started your Level 5 BTEC studies with another provider you may be able to transfer over to us. You won’t need to restart the course, we will pick up from where you left and you will only need to pay from where you start in the course ie the second year.

There are eight assessments to complete and include a variety of academic pieces of writing, practical demonstrations of your skills, presentations and self awareness activities.

To successfully complete the course you will need to complete 100 hours of counselling practice with clients over two years.

There are a variety of counselling providers in and around Lincoln that you may be able to secure suitable placements with and we will always guide you with where to find them and what kind of clients they work with.

Supporting Minds may provide you with a placement working with 5 year olds and over for a wide range of conditions. We are a unique service in the sense that we forgo tools and techniques in the counselling room in favour of the human connection, exploring the client as a whole being and working with the client to get to the root cause of their distress. We do not limit the number of sessions that an individual can attend and therefore we can have clients that stay for 6 sessions and some that have over 50 sessions.

It is a requirement that all counsellors and therefore student counsellors have regular supervision when working with clients. This ensures your safety, the client’s safety and aids to develop your skills and knowledge.

If you choose to have a placement with Supporting Minds supervision with us will be mandatory due to the way that we work; purely person centred, long term therapy and therefore our supervisors can support you with working in this unique way. We ask for a £20 contribution from you and we will cover the remaining cost through the £5 client contributions. You will also be able to bring any client work from other placements if you are not provided with a supervisor through them.

Different placement providers will have their own requirements regarding supervision so always check what they are when enquiring about a placement.

You will need to have 1 hour of supervision for every 8 hours of client work.

We recommend that you undergo some personal therapy over the two years, this ensures that you have addressed and worked through your own ‘stuff’ making you a safe, ethical, more understanding counsellor. It also provides you with the opportunity to find out more about yourself, uncover the ‘real’ you. This is something that is invaluable and will support the heavy emphasis on self reflection throughout the course.

Supporting Minds will support you in finding a suitable counsellor if need be. The cost of counselling starts from £30 an hour.

All learners must be aged 18 and over and will be assessed individually to determine their suitability to undertake foundation degree level learning and their ability to undergo the personal transformative nature of the course.

You do not need to have studied levels 2 or 3 in counselling to be accepted onto this course, we take into account your other previous academic qualifications, life experience, self awareness and most importantly you as a person.

2 years, 10 weekends a year.

10 am- 4 pm each day, Saturday and Sunday


2 years, roughly fortnightly to fit in with the academic calendar

9.30am- 2.30pm


1 year, once a week to fit in with the academic calendar

We have different intakes throughout the year; January, April and September. Student preference will dictate how we deliver the course, as above.


Included in your fees;
Level 5 Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling tuition (2yrs, 1 weekend a month or once a fortnight)
Additional tutor support between sessions when needed
Potential placement within Supporting Minds counselling service
Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB)



  • Cost of course: £5500
  • Supervision: 1:8 ratio (1 hour of supervision to 8 hours of counselling) to cover 100 hours.
  • £250 based on £20 per session.
  • BACP Student Membership: £80 per year.
  • Insurance: £50ish a year.
    Howden’s, Holistic, Balens are good places to try for the most affordable rates.

Total for 1 & 2 year course: £6010
NB. Apart from the cost of the course the other figures may be subject to change depending on different providers changing their rates.


Class time:
Two year Sat and Sun once a month for 10 months a year- 12 hours per month.


Two year, week day term time- dependant on time table to fit around academic holidays 6-18 hours per month.


One year, week day 20 hours per month.

  • Client work: 2-3 hours per week on average, 8 hours per month based on 2 hours per week. NB for 1 year courses you will have 2 years to complete your client hours.
  • Supervision: 1 hour a month based on 2 clients a week to commence when client work commences.
  • Study time: Average 5-10 hours per week, 20 hours per month based on 5 hours per week.

Total (average) per month;
2 year course: 41 hours a month
1 year course: 49 hours a month

£600 deposit required to book your place on the course. Deposits due on 1st of the month prior to the course starting; December, March or August.

NB the deposit is non-refundable.

£5500, £600 deposit and then £204.17 monthly instalment for 24 months for 2 year courses.


£5500, £600 deposit and instalments spread over 12 months £408.34 or over 18 months £272.23.

First installment to be paid on 1st day of the month the course starts (December, April or September) and on the 1st of every month until the full balance has been paid. NB that should you choose to leave the course before completion you will be still be required to pay for the course in full over the payment period. By paying the deposit you are in agreement to these terms.

Barclays Bank PLC
Supporting Minds CIC
Sort Code: 20 50 21
Account Number: 23 65 17 89


January 2019

April 2019

September 2019

1 Year starting Fri 13 Sept 2019
(every Fri term time)

2 Year starting Sat/ Sun 7/ 8 Sept 2019
(every 1st weekend of the month exc. Dec & Aug)

Lincoln courses will be held at The Carlton Centre.

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