Professional Counselling Training

In 2019 we launched our own syllabus with great success: Level 5 Professional Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy for 2020.

With a combined experience, within our team, of over 40 years in the talking therapy world we have seen counselling trends come and go and understand the value and importance of those elements that stay constant.

We have wanted to share our own personal and professional knowledge and expertise on embracing humanity, creativity and profound healing for a long time. Writing our own syllabus has afforded us the freedom to do just that, whilst understanding and adhering to the professional standards of quality assurance needed for counselling based qualifications. Our own syllabus is the perfect blend of theoretical and practical based learning whilst providing you with an in depth knowledge to empower, heal and transform your clients lives.

You will be taken on a journey of self discovery that will be deeply healing, raw and challenging on a soul level whilst equipping you for the realities of working in the counselling and psychotherapy profession. We believe that you must be comfortable sitting in your own darkness, before you can sit in the darkness with others. Therefore, you will need to have a good level of self awareness, open mindedness and resilience to undertake this training.

Starting in Lincoln (classroom):

Direct Entry

FULL Friday 5 MARCH 2021 10am- 3pm

(1 Year)

2 LAST MINUTE PLACES Weekend (Sat & Sun) 24 & 25 APRIL 2021 10am-3pm

(2 Year)

6 Places Weekday APRIL 2021 4pm- 9pm

Starting date TBC

(1 Year)

Classroom learning is strictly limited to 6 learners.

Starting on Zoom (for qualified therapists):

Wednesday 3 March 2021

10am- 3pm

(1 Year)

Student Feedback

“So far the course has given me so much more than I expected. I wasn’t
expecting the huge personal growth, the greater self confidence or the
depth of self healing. Jenine, you leave no stone left unturned in my soul! The tutors offer so much acceptance that I know that whatever I unearth
it will be ok and I feel their support. A support that has given me a safe
place to take this personal journey entwined with the practical and
theoretical learning. Life changing, soul rescuing and wonderfully creative.” Sophie

“This course has surpassed all my expectations. I love the balance of theory and existential learning and that this course actually allows you to go to new depths of yourself. Other courses often focus on the theory, but at Supporting Minds they allow you to feel it and I know I’ll be a better counsellor because of it. At times it can be hard to sit with your emotions but I think this way of learning really enables you to fully empathise with potential clients. The tutors and staff have such a down to earth and approachable nature- no question is a stupid one! I would thoroughly recommend this course. If it had a 5 star rating, I’d give it a 10!!” Kate