Family Therapy

Most families at some stage are presented with difficulties to overcome. Everyone wants their family to function in a positive way where each member is supported and loved. It is at times like these that it can be helpful to engage in family therapy.

Our therapists at SM will give you time and space to explore the issues and relationships in a confidential and respectful environment.

We recognise that each family is unique and so the methods introduced will be specific to your family and its members.

One of the keys to successful family living is communication. Family therapy gives each member the opportunity to be heard and understood without being judged.

Who comes for family therapy?

Any kind of family can come for family therapy.

Why do people come for family therapy?

A family can come to therapy for many different reasons such as; coping with mental health problems or special needs, extended family relationships, foster families, illness or death in the family, addictions, eating disorders, mid life crisis, teenage years, financial struggles to name but a few reasons.

How long are the sessions?

We allow up to an hour and a half for each session, some sessions may take the full amount of time and some sessions may take an hour.

How much are the sessions?

£40 each session ​

Our goal is to empower your family so that you can manage the ups and downs of everyday life confidently.