Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Uncover ingrained, subconscious patterns of behaviour that have been present since childhood.

The symbolic nature of fairy tales is universal and yet our own interpretation is unique and provides the key to deep and powerful healing.

Meet your Evil Queen and begin recognising the Beauty and Beast qualities of your soul, so that you can live a more authentic, healthy existence.

All through the power of creativity.

You will explore:

Your own unique fairy tale that you have been living out since childhood.

Your own fairy tale qualities and traits- good and evil.

Understand the symbolism behind fairy tale characters.

Re write your fairy tale for a more empowered and informed version of yourself creating a new happily ever after.

This is a self-directed learning workshop to enhance your self awareness.

A downloadable certificate is available upon completion.

You are invited to join our  Facebook group HERE to share your insights and seek support along your journey.

Module 2 Once upon a time...
Insight 1 What fairytale are you living?
Insight 2 Understanding your fairytale
Module 3 Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Insight 1 Behind the veil
Insight 2 Behind the veil insights
Module 4 Happily ever after...
Insight 1 Choosing Your Own Fairytale Ending
Insight 2 Interpreting Your New Fairytale Ending
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