Specialist Therapies

Safe and Ethical Service

Our service is managed by highly experienced therapists with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. All therapists offering specialised therapies are qualified and members of relevant professional bodies and uphold the ethical standards required to work as therapists.

Couples Therapy

All couples are unique and we want to encourage and support all couples to getting back to how they work best together.

Couples counselling should be non judgemental, supportive and offer an opportunity for both sides of the couple to be heard and valued as individuals.

We provide a safe space for you to explore whatever it is that’s concerning you for as long as you need to.

Sessions cost £50

Family Therapy

Most families at some stage are presented with difficulties to overcome. Everyone wants their family to function in a positive way where each member is supported and loved. It is at times like these that it can be helpful to engage in family therapy.

Our therapists at SM will give you time and space to explore the issues and relationships in a confidential and respectful environment.

We recognise that each family is unique and so the methods introduced will be specific to your family and its members.

One of the keys to successful family living is communication. Family therapy gives each member the opportunity to be heard and understood without being judged.

Sessions cost £70

Online sessions are not available.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy can benefit everybody.

Anyone can benefit from art therapy but it is especially beneficial to those who may be experiencing depression and anxiety; inability to express feelings, or out of touch with feelings. Difficulty in coping with issues of separation, loss, or bereavement; social and communication difficulties; experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties; lack of clear identity such as low self-esteem/self-image. Lack of purpose; difficult controlling emotions; relationship difficulties; trauma and addiction.

Those who have experienced trauma can access memories and experiences more readily through image making than traditional talking therapies. If someone cannot verbalise a past event, it can offer the expression of emotion through the use of an art process.

Artistic ability is not required and the therapy sessions focus on expression and your personal interpretation, rather than the artistic skill of the individual.

Sessions cost £50 per session

Online sessions are not available.

REWIND Therapy

Rewind therapy is a highly effective treatment approach for those that have experienced a traumatic incident such as a sexual assault, a car accident, a violent attack or who may have been the bystander in observing a traumatic incident. Rewind is also effective when working with multiple traumatic incidents such as childhood abuse, a domestic abuse situation or those in the emergency services.

You do not need to have a formal diagnosis of PTSD or CPTSD for Rewind to be effective.

Your therapist will teach you a technique to use in the therapy room called a “loop”. It is likely that you will need to complete the loop 3-6 times in one session, on one traumatic memory. Each loop will take around 2 minutes. Once you have completed all of the required loops, you will feel an immediate relief from your traumatic symptoms. You will be able to recall the incident at will but you won’t have any physical or disturbing emotional attachment to it. If the treatment has been effective you won’t need anymore sessions, other than a quick check in in two weeks time. If your symptoms start to return within two weeks then your therapist will repeat the loop with you in a further session. For multiple traumatic incidents you may require more than one session. One session will last up to an hour.

We have had outstanding results from this approach to trauma. Clients have reported how life changing the treatment has been for them, whether the trauma is a month old or 30 years old.

The treatment is suitable for children as young as 4 years old, depending on maturity and the ability to grasp the techniques.

Sessions cost £70 and include a 20 minute “check up” 2 weeks later.

Next Steps…

If you decide to get in touch via phone, Joanne or Patrycja will ask you a few questions over the telephone about why you have decided to book in for counselling. This ensures that we place you with the best therapist to meet your needs, on a day and time to suit you. This will take about 10-15 minutes, so make a cup of tea and find somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit.

Following your mini telephone assessment, you will then be offered an appt or placed on the waiting list and as soon as an appointment becomes available it will be offered to you. Sometimes it can be hard to predict when an appointment is likely to become available because we don’t limit the number of sessions you can attend however, we won’t have forgotten you.

Payment Details

All sessions are payable in advance via PayPal or bank transfer more than 24 hours before your appointment or upon booking online.

We are a non grant funded and non NHS funded organisation.