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Author: Healing Your Own Toxicity

Highly Commended Director of the Year for Not for Profit Business- Institute of Directors

Despite starting my career as a registered nurse in the NHS I always knew that I would retrain to work as a counsellor, following a spinal cord injury which left me unable to continue with ‘traditional’ nursing I retrained as a counselling psychotherapist during my recovery.
My counselling career saw me working predominantly with university and college students and I found my love of working with this age group. As my confidence and skill developed I found myself being drawn to working in a more purist way- that being Person Centred. However, it wasn’t until I truly accepted myself through my own personal counselling that I was able to work in this way completely.
In 2013 I became disillusioned with working as a lecturer in further education and a six session model in counselling at another college, so I decided to forge a full time career in my love of counselling. I was also passionate about the need for counselling and psychotherapy being available to the masses rather than being an expensive and presumed, elitist thing that we only accessed when we hit crisis point or as a last resort. So in 2014 I set up Supporting Minds with around 6000 counselling hours under my belt, a determination (but also no idea) that SM would take off and bucket loads of hard work and hope.
What I love the most about SM is having the opportunity to work in a purely person centred way, forgoing counselling tools and techniques to fully engage on a human level with an individual. It really is incredible to see how someone can evolve into the most amazing person when they are given the space, opportunity and kindness to fully embrace who they are. We are not meant to be fixed as we were never broken, we are perfectly human and embracing all of our vulnerabilities, emotions and behaviours affords us the ability to become the most loving, compassionate and kind individuals to ourselves and to others. I feel incredibly privileged to be invited on someone’s journey with them, to watch in awe as someone comes to realise how truly amazing they are. This is why I set up SM.

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Counselling Services Manager