Counselling Practice Paperwork (Adult & Children)


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We’ve put together a comprehensive package of counselling practice paperwork, so you can focus on what you love doing the most… counselling. All the paperwork you need to work with child and adult clients.

We use these forms within our own, successful counselling service. They are based on our experiences of working with thousands of clients from the simple to the complex presentation.

All forms are Word.doc so you can add your own logo and edit, if required. The files will download as a ZIP file, you will then need to save the ZIP file to your computer and extract all the files within.

On completion of PayPal transaction click ‘return to merchant’ to begin your download of the files.

Documents include:

Initial contact form.

Ideal for when clients initially make contact, wanting to book an appointment. You can quickly assess their suitability for therapy and their availability.

Attendance Tracker.

Useful for not only keeping track of their attendance but also their payments.
Adult initial assessment form.
A succinct, yet thorough assessment form highlighting active risks that may occur in the therapy room.

Counselling notes blank.

Exactly what it says.

Adult counselling agreement.

A thorough counselling agreement exploring clients rights and responsibilities. Please note the green text throughout the document, which you will need to amend to suit your therapy boundaries.

Adult initial assessment form.

A succinct, yet thorough assessment form covering all areas of importance needed to find out more about your client, whilst also highlighting active risks that may occur in the therapy room.

Children initial assessment form.

A detailed assessment form, exploring all areas of importance so you can really get to know your client.

Children therapy measurement tool.

A simplistic tool, perfect for those aged 12 years and under.

Parent/ carer consent form (for children).

With the introduction of GDPR, all children need parental consent to access therapy. Although this is in direct contrast to the Gillick competency, we have put a consent form together should you choose to use, within your own practice.

Counselling for children parent info booklet.

Parents can sometimes have reservations or fears around their children accessing counselling. This handy A5 booklet details all the potential questions parents might have around confidentiality, content of sessions and how to support their child in counselling.

Client feedback form.

A short and sweet feedback form, to ensure client engagement. No one likes a long, complex feedback form. This form will provide you with clear action points with its quantitative and qualitative questions.




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