Online Version. A Practical Resource for Professionals: Kids Emotional Wellbeing Workshop Manual


We have been delivering these workshops for many years in primary schools and now we’re releasing our content to professionals so that you too, can deliver high quality, fun and accessible emotional wellbeing workshops.

All the activities in the book have been written by experienced psychotherapists: Helen Kemp and Jenine Butroid.

These workshops can be delivered by any professional that is qualified to work with children; teachers, counsellors and psychotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and so on.

What more could you want than a whole book filled with 6 ready to go emotional wellbeing workshops for children aged 4-11 in KS1 & KS2?

Workshops included in the manual:

Superhero- self esteem

Emotional literacy

Big emotions

Living with butterflies- anxiety



All workshops can be delivered in 1 1/2- 2 hours.

Each workshop has included;

Welcome prompts on how to get the workshop started.

A clear timetabled plan.

A variety of detailed activities and how to deliver them.

Between 2-7 printable workshop resources including group activities and worksheets.

A full resource list.

Facilitator notes to encourage the best engagement from your groups.

Autism friendly guidance.


NB. This is for an online downloadable version of the manual.