SIGNED COPY Healing Your Own Toxicity written by Jenine Butroid Paperback Book


“An amazing and insightful book, such an interesting read! I found the Drama Triangle particularly interesting and fascinating. Can’t wait to read more from Jenine!” Joanne

“It was an honest book and really helped me relate to my own experiences and behaviours.” Liz

“A brilliant read! Really well written. A lovely mix of personal experience and professional expertise. Highly enlightening.” Sarah

“Another piece in the jigsaw on the journey to improving my own self awareness. Everyone will see a little or, perhaps a lot of themselves in this book. Great read!” Chris

“Really good practical advice, especially the drama triangle and how to see what role you’re playing in it and why. I thought it’d be about how to treat others, but it’s also about how to treat yourself better just as much if not more.” Hazel

“Having received training and qualifications from Jenines amazing business but never personally had her as my tutor I was very keen to read her book. I was not disappointed, it is therapeutic, so honest and a great book for reflecting on relationships and behaviour patterns. It is a read for everyone!! Well done Jennie, looking forward to your next book.” Elaine

“This is a fantastic little book that highlights the way we tend to get sucked into toxic relationships with our selves friends family and loved ones. It gives tools to identify those toxic relationships and how we can identify what is happening and how only we can break the endless cycle of toxicity which we find ourselves in.
It’s a great little read written in accessible language which I shall use no doubt again as a reference to help in my own relationships.
Thanks again :)” Timothy

“I absolutely love it, my partner and me are already taking stuff from it into account when we talk, it’s been really useful. Thank you so much! xxx” Hazel



Have you recognised a pattern of destructive behaviours in your life? Do you often feel let down by people? Do you feel misunderstood by those around you? Do you often feel attacked? Do you keep attracting abusive partners?

Are you ready to feel happier and in control of your life?

We are far more powerful than we realise and looking within to find that toxic part of ourselves that resonates with the toxicity of others, can change the course of our life and future happiness.

Learn how to recognise and break your own unhealthy patterns of behaviour- no judgment just insight, self love and compassion. This book will raise your awareness and provide you with the knowledge to break destructive patterns of behaviour in your life.

If you would like a personalised book signing, please complete the ‘order notes’ section at check out with the name you would like the book making out too, otherwise we will send you a generic signed copy.


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