Schools & Colleges

We work with a variety of primary and secondary schools and colleges across Lincolnshire offering 1:1 counselling for students and staff, staff training and award winning emotional wellbeing workshops for students.

We understand the challenges facing those working in the education sector and we recognise that good mental health and emotional resilience within students has a far wider reach than that pupil alone.


Our award winning workshops make emotional wellbeing for children fun, creative & ‘real’.


Most popular workshops include;


Living with Butterflies (anxiety)

Saying Goodbye (grief & loss, exploring; death, separation, losing friends, moving house etc) 

Understanding Emotions (anger, sadness, happiness and everything in between)

Mindfulness (embracing the here & now)

and many more.


Our workshops include a variety of approaches that engage all children providing a safe, open space to explore emotions & take away the ‘ickiness’ of talking about sensitive subjects.

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