Grief and Loss

Grief and loss is something that we all experience everyday of our lives, the changing seasons, life transitions and death, amongst may other changes and losses are an integral part of being human.

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to explore and apply theoretical approaches to counselling those who have experienced loss and grief.  This unit requires learners to have an understanding of the various ways in which the term ‘grieving process’ may be understood. Learners will explore the application of various models to practice and are required to demonstrate a range of counselling skills within the context of loss and grief. 

Learners are challenged to determine whether any one grieving process is more than a social construct. The dilemma of medication and grief, and the consequent pathologising of grief, are considered in the context of counselling.  This unit considers theories of loss and grief and is focused on models used for counselling.  

Learning and Assessment

Assessment will be in the form of practical demonstration of skills and subsequent analysis of interventions made.  Learners should demonstrate their skills and capabilities by generating a specific loss scenario either provided by their tutor or from their own experiences and appropriately managed by the tutor. They should then be able to analyse which models and/or theories underpinned their interventions and how these affect the counselling process.